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My two Huskies love their spa day with Danyal of Sunny Valley Mobile Pet Grooming.  I have tried several other mobile groomers and pet salons and feel that Sunny Valley Grooming is the best!  They are always on time, provide gentle loving care to my Huskies and are reasonably priced.  The mobile “spa room” is alway neat and clean, regardless if the wash is at the beginning of the day or at the end.   The groomers are professional, knowledgeable, patient and obviously love pets.  Everyone I have talked to at Sunny Valley Grooming has provided the highest level of customer service.   My Huskies are actually happy to see the mobile grooming salon pull up the driveway!

Ellen, Stella & Taz

I have been dealing with Sunny Valley Pet Mobile for years and I cannot say enough good things about them. Chris and his staff are always accommodating. Most importantly they have an obvious love for animals and always deal with them gently. I guess the most important thing is that my dog, Enya, loves them, as did her sister Suzie.

Fr. Dick, Pastor of St. Francis Xavier

Speaking as a confirmed dog lover, (I do enjoy being occasionally looked up to,) over the years my wife and I have had an assortment of rescue pooches – each with distinct personalities such as climbing up ladders to presumably better see eye-to-eye, helping clear post dinner party tables especially when butter pats are scattered among the dish settings, sampling the latest fragrances from our local skunk-bar, chasing ice cubes around the kitchen floor and other delights.  Some people think we indulge our pets – a little.  Others a lot.  It is a matter of endless speculation until the topic of doggie grooming rears its fluffy head.  For years we mimicked countless others by rounding up our current pack of disheveled hounds, (when further cohabatation seemed next to aromatically imposible,) for that long day’s journey to the far, far away speed-groomer of unknown and possibly questionable habits and origins.  Needless to say, here was a perfect storm for doggie trauma ….which then could and often did morph into doggie payback as with the following imagined conversations:  “Don’t ask me to bark for you when strangers appear” or “You call that dinner?” and let’s not forget, “I don’t care if it’s three o’clock in the morning, I need to take this shitty haircut out, now.!”  What to do?  Fortunately for us, a neighbor told us about Sunny Valley Mobile Pet Grooming.  Imagine the truely gifted and friendly groomer conveniently comes to your or should I say your pet’s house – saving you time not to mention reducing stress for all concerned.  In our case, super groomers Danyal and/or Jade visit every two weeks and we again have a happy and stylin’ household.  Well at least one of us reeks with class.  I’, not saying who but …..  I probably should end it there.   

Hal Owen

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